Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another New Adventure

As if I am not busy enough, I just took on another project. I just couldn't pass up this new opportunity though. I am a big supporter of promoting other artists and this outlet will give me the chance to do just that.

I am now going to be the guest editor for the 'Everything Else' category on the Etsy Profiles blog. In case you have never heard of it, the Etsy Profiles blog is open to all Etsy sellers who would like to get their profiles featured. Free advertising, now you just can't beat that. The blog is not only a great way to get your shop seen by people who stop by, but it is also a wonderful way to discover shops on Etsy that you may not otherwise ever find.

In addition to all the great shops featured on the blog, you will also find a list of Etsy resources and directories, important Storque articles and important Etsy links. There is a ton of valuable information that is definitely worth checking out.

So stop by for a visit and if you would like to have your shop featured just contact the editor for your particular niche and supply them with all the required information (there is a list of what you will need to send the editor in the Index, in the lefthand column or just click here).

Hope to see you soon!


The Queen Of Re

hey Cindi,

just sent you an email

Lenox Knits

Looks like a great new promotional tool. I just e-mailed the manager of my area. Thanks for the tip!

Lenox Knits

Wanted to let you know that I blogged about you today. I used one of your pics with a link back to the item in your shop. If this is a problem just let me know.


nice info u got here...
just drop by from blogcatalog...
hope u can drop by my site and leace a comments too...

Baroness Bijoutery

Thank for the new information..sounds great. I am going to check it all out...