Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time For A Little Artist Recognition

I am into my second month at Etsy and I am still in awe of all the incredible talent that can be found there. Not only are these artists gifted in their respected crafts, but I can honestly say that they are a really good group of people.

Take a look along the sides of this blog, I have posted a bunch of new shop mini's for you to look at. Visit their stores, admire their work and take a moment to appreciate the dedication and skill that goes into each of their creations.

If you want to give a gift from the heart, give a gift that is handmade :)


Lenox Knits

What a nice way to promote your fellow crafters! I was wondering if you would mind if I blogged about your list of 25 ways to promote your blog. I didn't think you would mind since I will obviously link back to your site. Your blog is quickly becoming a must read for me!

Be Jeweled By Candi

Hey Lenox Knits,
Absolutely, I would be honored, and thank you for the compliment :)


That's great you're enjoying Etsy! It's a great site & has a great community

JodisCraftEmporium and More

awesome post and its nice to feature such wonderful artist. :D

Baroness Bijoutery

You're blog is always so great...and your support of fellow artists is fantastic. You are a very warm, caring and thoughtful person. Thank you for being one of my Followers...and Thank you for all the great tips you have given all of us....


Totally agree! I've made a post in my blog on these great etsy sellers too. :)
Welcome to this wonderful family and good luck in your sales.

PS: Thanks for the vote in my poll!



Your jewerly is wonderful!
I wish many happynes to you.


I love your shop and your work!