Friday, January 16, 2009

How Far Do You Go To Promote Artists and Their Treasuries

Treasuries are not only a celebration of the artists whose work has been chosen, but they also show the creativeness of the curator. A lot of effort goes into creating a beautiful treasury. There are so many wonderful items to choose from and picking ones that not only compliment each other but also fit within the scope of the theme can be quite a process. I know I do several tweaks and adjustments before I am truly happy with the end result.

I think it's important to visit treasuries. I believe that admiring them, appreciating the time and effort put forth to create them and leaving an encouraging comment of approval for the curator is a great form of promoting the artist. But I don't think it should end there.

Just as important, is clicking on each of the items within the treasury. This is another fantastic way to promote not only the curator but also the featured products creator. The higher on the list the treasury is, the more views it will receive. People will begin to get curious about the treasury's popularity and not wanting to feel like they are missing out on something, they will also view it. The more views, the more clicks and the closer the treasury gets to the number one spot, which gives the items more exposure, which raises the potential for some fellow artists to get some sales.

While some might say, "Yeah, that's great for the curator and the artists in the treasury, but what about me?" Unfortunately, we live in a world of instant gratification, but I think we need to go back to believing the old adage, 'What comes around, goes around'.

Good karma will always bounce back to you and many times in ways you wouldn't otherwise expect.



Great post. I just found out today that I am in a very first.


So true..
and I tell you..I have been trying for some time to make treasuries..I just don't have any luck. I have a beautiful one sitting in my poster sketch right now just wanting to be seen! hee hee...
I love visiting the treasuries!

Baroness Bijoutery

Your Post is so right on...I have created a few and love featuring some of the many talented artists on Etsy. I wish we could feature we just have to try for the next Treasury.
Oh before I foget I put three of your Valentine Bracelets in my post last night. If you will send me your mini etsy html I would like to put it up on my blog also.


I'm with you on the sentiments in your post. I also believe in visiting the blogs of everyone who visits mine and comments and comment in return!