Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just A Quick Tip For All The Jewelry Designers

I recently read somewhere that you should name your jewelry pieces. I started thinking about it and while I know that having keywords in your title is essential to the piece 'getting found' in searches on search engines, I believe that naming your jewelry can definitely contribute to the 'click' factor of the piece. The name you give it can be a 'teaser' to a potential customer. The name could have them so intrigued, they'll want to click through to the item to read the description and potentially lead to a sale.

Just don't leave the customer high and dry when they click through to the description. You need to continue intriguing them with a description that 'grabs' them, making them feel like they absolutely need that piece of jewelry.

You want the name to invoke some kind of interest, want, desire or even fantasy. Emotions are what push people to make purchases. If you target their emotional buying power then you are more likely to get the sale.

I have recently listed a few new pieces in my shop and gave them names, I definitely have to work on my descriptions, but I figured I would give it a shot and also share the idea with you. If you do try it, I hope it works well for you :)


Becoming Me

What a lovely blog you have here. you are very talented!

Baroness Bijoutery

I have been naming my jewelry for some time now...and yes it does bring in viewers and buyers. I try to name them as to what they are saying to me. Great always.

Flight Fancy

I too have been naming my pieces. I believe you are right about the attraction of a name or story to each piece. Great thing to share!


I have thought this was a good idea but have not got around to doing yet thank you for a push in the right direction.