Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Way to Find Out If You Are In A Treasury

StudioMarlene just posted a link in the forums for a new place you can go to see if you are in a treasury instead of having to scroll through them looking for the little star next to the treasury name. The name of the site is Craftopolis and all you have to do is type in your Etsy username. It is so neat I thought it was definitely worth a post.

Go check it out :)


Splendid Little Stars


Beadin By The Sea

Yes, I just saw the thread too. What a timesaver this will be! Great idea to write a post about it!


Wow! Cool! Thank you!


That's so cool...those little stars are easy to overlook.


Thank you so much for sharing that!


Thanks I hadn't seen that thread yet. Bookmarked that site.


Thank you for this! :D

Baroness Bijoutery

I found this in the forum also this afternoon...great site. Found out Hubby was in Treasury West...It is in my favorites now...


I saw this great!
I need to contact her though because it says my username doesn't exsist...yikes!

Splendid Little Stars

I mentioned this tip and you as the source of it in my blog! check it out:


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